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Conferences or seminars are the best avenues for sharing research-based inferences on various domains of business. The institute promotes various such conferences and seminars, enabling the participants to learn from each other and be active in the academic community which effectively caters in the future needs of business. Largely, the areas of interest are sustainable business models, meaningfulness at work, data analytics, econometrics, and consumer-based marketing strategies.

Next Conference : 2019-02-28

Theme : Building Sustainable Business Models

Sustainability refers to your efforts for the future generation. How to build a business model satisfying all kinds of its stakeholders, including the coming generation. Can we come up with better business models that contribute beyond the estimated profit in terms of money.

Resource Person :

Dr. A.P. George

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Key Take Aways :

  • Know the best sustainability-focused practices in today’s business.
  • Learn the best theoretical models of sustainability.
  • Meet and network with scholars and practitioners in the domain of doing sustainable business.
  • Share your thoughts and knowledge for getting an objective evaluation of the same.
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