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Certification Programs

Microsoft Office Specialist - Excel

Today’s young people are far more computer literate than any previous generation. While this may be true for mobile apps and social networking, it is not necessarily the case for business software such as Microsoft Office, particularly Excel. There is a significant gap between students’ perceived self-proficiency of Office skills and the actual assessment of those skills. Being a mandatory requisite for business professionals, we have made Microsoft Office Specialist (excel) certification mandatory for our students. This would add value to their Resume and would help them increase their proficiency, confidence and effectiveness in performing their assigned tasks.

Business English Communication

Communication is an inseparable feature of human life. An individual who is desirous of improving his/her written, verbal, and internet/digital-related communication skills and is seriously considering a career in customer relations, investor relations, public relations, or sales must possess special skills in business communication. It is important in crafting messages, recommendations, product/service attributes, and presentations. SIMS offers BEC (Business English Certificate) certification for the students to develop not just their English language skills, but to build their confidence in expressing their views and ideas in an international workplace. Also, the language lab facility is available for students.

Data Science & Analytics

Data Science & Analytics have become vital for the growth and development of the companies of today. In this context, Data Analytics plays an important role in decoding consumer insights. The analysis of data helps the companies to predict future behaviour of every component of business. It provides a competitive edge to companies across industries. In order to succeed in a data analytics career, the candidates require inquisitiveness, interpretation skills, thorough understanding of tools and methods and quantitative skills. SIMS offers certifications in Data Science & Analytics with an objective of creating a workforce that understands the field and is capable of tackling complex business issues.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation using Simulation Lab

Entrepreneurship and innovation have been recognized as critical drivers of sustainable economic development and competitive advantage. It has been argued that all individuals should be exposed to entrepreneurship training because entrepreneurship graduates are three times more likely to start their own business, three times more likely to be self-employed and are more satisfied with their jobs than others. Entrepreneurship offers individuals a chance to build successful careers without having to join large corporations with little ability to impact decisions. SIMS offers a certification program that provides students with the skills, knowledge, abilities and opportunities to be successful in business. The practical sessions of the certification course on Entrepreneurship and Innovation is conducted through AIMA BizLab.

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