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The institute offers consultancy services in the areas of managerial practices and decision making. It is appreciated by organizations that a third-party pitch into a scenario where the organization confronts a management problem. Customized to the client requirement, the institute forms a team and supports business development by making strategic interventions. SIMS considers it as a great opportunity to collaborate with organizations and resolve an identified real-time problem.

Project 1 :

The institute has taken up consultancy services for the diocese of Irinjalakuda on managing the prime outcomes of parish festivals. The institute has initiated gathering real time quantitative data based on which the results and inferences were drawn. The team conducted pre-project meetings with the client, defined the problem clearly and executed the best methods available for drawing inferences out of the available data.

Project 2:

The institute provides consultancy to many schools, colleges and other educational institutions. Specifically, SIMS supports by developing the teacher and student community of various educational institutions. SIMS builds research based, client specific FDPs for clear objectives and goals for the next academic year.

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