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Pastoral Leadership Development Program

Pastoral Leadership Development Program

The growing complexity of our living world necessitates the development of managerial skills of people who are specifically engaged in leadership roles in different walks of individuals’ life such as spiritual, pastoral, educational and religious. As the reverend priests, sisters, and lay people share the human and pastoral development mission of the church, it becomes inevitable to inculcate various management abilities in the areas of their pastoral activities.

Next PDP : 2019-03-05

Theme : Managerial principles and the pastoral leadership development.

Historically, Catholic Church had a vital role in the evolution of management theories and principles. Today, however, there is a growing concern about the application of these managerial theories and notions in the field of pastoral ministry. In response, we need better platforms of training and development focusing on the internalization of relevant management theories and its effective way of application.

Coordinator :

Fr. Dr. Jino Johny Malakkaran

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Key Take Aways :

  • Crisis management, leadership and effective methods of communication.
  • How to continue the mission irrespective of the changes in leadership and team.
  • Learn the best management models matching to the ministry.
  • Understand the challenges and opportunities in the field of pastoral work.
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